Company profile
      Qilu special steel co., LTD. Was established in1986Years,Locates in yanzhou, shandong province economic development zone,Is the main high alloy steel forging circle in China、Forgings、Forging axis class base of high-quality goods。Main products to qilu special steelΦ80-Φ1200mmLarge diameter specifications forging round steel、Forging of large diameter thick wall pipe、Forging square steel,Forging a template,Forging module,The forging die and1-60Tons of steel ingot、Esr ingot is given priority to。Including a guitar steel forging round、Carbon steel forging round、Carbon steel forging round、Alloy tool steel forgings、Bearing steel forging round、Stainless steel forging round、Roll steel forgings、Military steel forgings、Heat resistant steel forging round、Gear steel forgings、Spring steel forging round、Die steel forgings and other 10 major series of hundreds of research and development of steel grade、Production and sales。Products not only by domestic large-scale locomotive、Coal、Petroleum machinery、Shipbuilding、Military industry、A car、Mold and other industries widely used,At the same time the company production of gb products exported to Australia、DE、Meaning、Method、The United States、Japan and South Korea、Turkey、European and Asia countries and regions such as Brazil。 The company size:Shandong qilu special steel is approved by the shandong foreign trade hall,Enjoy the import and export rights,Is a collection of production、Trade、New product development in the integration of national large-scale special steel enterprise。The worker number2800People,Including high-level engineering personnel560People。Cover an area of an area1000m,The construction area23Million square meters,Fixed assets12One hundred million yuan,Born ...
Product display
Qilu special steel and founder|23CrNiMo7-4-7|Forging round steel/25Cr2Ni2Mo-Optimal
Qilu special steel brand qilu special steelTC4The titanium alloy forging tube production and processing products:Valuations:8000
25CrMo【35CrMoV,34CrMo1】Forging round steel-The high temperature carburizing*APICertification
ProductionCk45{ASTM1045,S45C}Forging round steel|Forging bar|ABSCertification
9Cr2|9Cr3Mo|9Cr1Mo /Cold rolled work roll+Forging round steel-Metallurgical rollers*Bearing
50CrVA|50CrV4|G61500|Spring round steel|Forging round steel|Forging square steel|Roll
SKD62|H11|H13K|Wheel mold|Forging round steel|Limit the mandrel|The module|Esr ingot
17CrNi6-6|17CrNiMo6|Forging round steel-Large gear shaft-Gear ring forgings-L
16NiCrMo16-5《Forging round steel》Heat the gear/18CrNiMo7-6【Main transmission
Qilu special steel-Founder brandQ345DRound steel Qilu special steelQ345D Q345DForging round is tempered
Qilu special steel-Founder brandGCr15SiMnBearing steel YanzhouGCr15SiMnForging round steel ball
Qilu special steel-Founder brand86CrMoV7Forgings 86CrMoV7Axis steps Shandong86Cr
Qilu special steel board9Cr2MoRound steel 9Cr2MoThe spheroidizing annealing Qilu special steel9Cr2MoNow
Qilu special steel-And founder of yanzhou31CrMoV9Round steel 31CrMoV9Forging quality of qilu special steel
Qilu special steel-Founder brand production40CrNi2Mo 40CrNi2MoForging round chemical composition
Qilu special steel board production40CrNiMoA 40CrNiMoARound steel forging process and machinery
Qilu special steel brand qilu special steel board35CrMnSiARound steel forging axis and used in mining machinery equipment do after teeth
Qilu special steel-Founder brand on shale gas equipmentS7Round steel forging parts,Qilu special steelS7Round steel can also
Qilu special steel board to do hammer piston rod with qilu special steel20Cr2Ni4ARound steel mass ratioGCr1
Qilu special steel-Founder brandGCr15As a hammer piston rod special steel is best,Qilu special steel productionGCr1
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